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Elk Creek Family Outfitters

Meet the Hunting Guides

Dave is a husband and father of four grown children. He is retired and has twelve grand children. He first started calling elk in 1991.  He uses numerous cow elk calls and bugles and is very successful at fooling the elk.  Dave has called in dozens of bulls, several cow elk, turkeys, coyotes and an occasional mountain lion (which was unintentional).  He is passionate about archery elk hunting.  Dave always gets excited every time he sees an elk - which is often..

Abe is a husband and also father of five children.  He began archery elk hunting in 1991.  As a former trumpet player, he is also an excellent cow caller and bugler.  Abe loves the challenge of being up close and personal with the elk. He is a great guide and a fun guy to be around.  Abe has passed his love and enthusiasm for elk hunting on to his children.  When his oldest son, Isaac, was three years old he called in his first bull elk!


For more information please contact:


   Elk Creek Family Outfitters

   c/o Dave & Abe Hein

   1021 Toole Circle

   Billings, Montana 59105


   (406) 670-4366

   (406) 794-2204

Isaac is Abe’s  oldest son and has been obsessed with hunting his entire life. His enthusiasm for hunting is contagious. Isaac has grown up hunting deer and elk and has more experience harvesting game than hunters twice his age. He loves the challenge and strategy of bow hunting and excels in the art of calling and stalking elk. Isaac is highly motivated to get clients on elk and has a never give up attitude.