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2005 Journal

The fall 2005 archery season was exciting but frustrating.  Several bulls were called in, the largest of which was a 360 class herd bull. The only problem was that the big bull came straight in to the shooter who was faced with a 4 yard head-on shot! After a staring contest for a good 30 seconds the bull wheeled and ran off.  Major adrenalin rush!   Missed shots and superficial wounds to three bulls resulted in no archery bulls being harvested.  An awesome 380 class bull was caught on video as he stood and bugled repeatedly but refused to come in. Guide Abe bagged a nice 5 X 7 bull during the rifle season after passing up some 28 bulls.   Six cow elk were harvested during the rifle season.   A real nice 3 X 4 mule deer was taken.