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2021 Journal

This year saw the harvest of five bull elk; two in archery and three in the rifle season. Three wounded bulls and several missed shots combined with difficult hunting circumstances due to the worst drought in 50 years resulted in a frustrating archery season. Rifle hunters were much more successful. In addition to three nice bull kills, two bucks and six cow elk were taken.


The drought which began in September 2020 continued through November of 2021. The effect of severe drought, a nasty hailstorm, and a major grasshopper infestation is evidenced by the fact that no (that is zero) bales were harvested on 320 acres of seeded alfalfa/grass hay fields. The lack of available forage, below normal cold temperatures, and above normal windy conditions, could have a significant impact on wildlife mortality this winter. We are hopeful that heavy snows in March and April along with abundant Spring rains will end the drought and restore sub-soil moisture, refill the stock ponds and rejuvenate forage growth.


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